About Us

International Trans 06 shpk was founded in 2007 with capital 100% Albanian with owner Mr. Spartak Lamaj. The main activity of the company is the national and international transports of goods through land, sea and air. The headquarters of the company are in Tirana, the capital of Albania while the main activity is concentrated at the port of Durrës, where most of the cargo comes through.

Based on the contracts and partnership with international companies in the field of freight forwarding, we offer transport services from around the globe towards Albania and its neighbors and vice versa.

Our primary objective is to serve to clients very efficiently and in the best ways possible.

The objective of being a leader in the Albanian market in matters of quality, correctness and professionalism is the vision of our company in more than 10 years.

We guarantee quality and maximum dedication towards our clients and partners, guaranty which is backed by the numerous certificates we have received in recognition of our work and the support we have being part of some of the biggest international transport networks.

What we offer

International transportation of goods includes by land with trucks, sea by container and air via cargo, services which we offer with quality and professionalism.

We offer land transport services of goods from all over Europe with truck or partial load cargo with destination Albania and Kosovo.

By sea transport we can get the best tariffs and the quality of service for our clients whether they are full cargo FCL or partial one, LCL.

Air transport can lower logistics cost and offer faster service for those goods that are urgent. Through global contracts with cargo airlines, we offer transport services via air for clients from around the world to Albania and vice versa.

Our specialized staff follows every step of the transport procedures with dedication from taking in charge of the cargo until the final destination.